IT Talent Acquisition & Deployment

Clients call on Canopy One for services that improve performance in a world facing more challenges in the IT domain than ever before. We aim to deliver best talent and services to meet client's specific needs, with Talent Development & Acquisition as our focus.

We aim to successfully complete every search assignment and source the most versatile candidate in the shortest possible time. We establish a plan that factors the critical elements of the search to determine a realistic closure date.

Our goal is to deliver the most talented, cost-effective IT resources and solutions that will enable our clients to gain an advantage and be successful in a highly competitive global environment.

Canopy One's Talent Acquisition Process:


We research our client's company, the specific division that requires the resource, the industry, markets and competition

We then meet our client's key executives. Our perspective as an outside consultant enables us to objectively assess the demands of the position. We apply lessons and marketplace realities learned from other searches to source the right talent

Needs are analyzed and a position description is developed for client approval, which includes, responsibilities, qualifications, personal attributes and required talents.


A search plan is developed and tailored to the client's unique needs.

Dates are set for a status review, first candidate interview and closure.

Using a planned program of research on target companies, we systematically identify the names, location and title of the broadest population of potential candidates.


Confidential, direct approaches are made on a personal basis to prospective candidates.

A background profile is developed on interested individuals. This includes: Personal data, education, work experience, technical qualifications and current responsibilities

We provide the candidate's resumes which we reformat for consistency and ease of comparison.


Three to six weeks from the start(based upon the initial search plan) we set a meeting to review interim candidates, accumulated research, present our observations and obtain approval to screen the leading candidates

At this point we formulate a new plan for the next stage.


We conduct interviews with leading prospects and document their personal accomplishments, style, background, and motivations.

This interview report also covers "capturability" and projects our estimation of client candidate compatibility


We brief and debrief candidates and client management, then arrange an introduction to the client's department where the talent is needed.

The extent of direct participation in the interview is dictated by our client.


Written reference and degree checks are submitted on the finalist candidate(s).

Our recruiting experience and outside perspective enables us to assist in designing a compensation package calculated to attract and capture the preferred candidates

We serve as the intermediary to work out all details which have a bearing on acceptance of the offer by the chosen candidate


We monitor the progress of integration by frequently communicating with both the hiring manager and the new employee to anticipate and avert potential problems and adjust as needed

In rare cases of irreconcilable difficulty, we reposition another finalist candidate and/or reinitiate the search and evaluation cycle.

Our Recruiting Strength:

  • More than 70 certified IT recruiters
  • 24X7 Recruiting Cycle
  • Matured & unique recruiting process
  • Established after hire on-board processes

Our Rigorous screening methodology:

  • Interviews: Phone/VoIP; F2F
  • Multi level skill assessment
  • Phone Evaluations and Code Reviews
  • Assessment by industry leaders/SMEs

Interview with client

  • Interview Conditions
  • On Offer, Onboard process
  • Leverages global talent for assessment
  • Interview Evaluation via Skype

Canopy One's talent search teams consist of Account Managers and Delivery Managers that supervise the Recruiting Teams. Each Recruiting Team has a Lead Recruiter and 4 recruiters

The Recruiting Team follows a 3-step approach to search for the best talent.

Step 1 - Search in

  • Internal Bench Pre-interviewed Candidate DB
  • Our Vendor Supplier Network
  • Job Boards / Social Network
  • Referral Candidate Database

Step 2 - Screen for:

  • Skills
  • Availability
  • Rate, NDA, NCA

Step 3 - Phone Screen for:

  • Required Technical Skills
  • People Skills
  • Reconfirm the Rate

The benefits that we provide our customers include :

Speed - Retaining our talent acquisition expertise allows clients to start projects sooner and focus on mission critical tasks

Cost Effectiveness - Clients realize the benefits of transparency in the talent acquisition process. We help clients know what the market demands for the skills they need

Thorough - Our singular focus on the details in acquiring talent and managing human capital makes our clients feel comfortable

Professional - We are our client's representative in the marketplace. We accurately represent the essential character and opportunities at the organization. All assignments initiated on our client's behalf are done in a competent and professional manner